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The brand experience you offer to each customer matters. With so many businesses out there, providing a great brand experience is critical as it drives customer loyalty and engagement. Consumers will buy more and they’ll recommend you to others.

Brand experience is the collection of all interactions and activities your customer has with your brand; digital, in-person, virtual, and the product or output delivered. Meaningful brand experiences are provided through various avenues - your website, app, in-store or digital interactions with employees, corporate and community events. When done well, brand experience will cultivate an emotional connection.

Here are some tips for creating memorable brand experiences:

✓ Understand Your Customer – you can’t create impactful experiences for your customers if you don’t know who they are or what they want. Take time to engage (listen, watch, and learn) your customer and determine what really matters to them. These experiences will allow you to position your product/service in a compelling and relevant way.

✓ Integrate and Create a Seamless Experience – be consistent at every point of the customer engagement. All aspects of your business, events, marketing campaigns, advertising and such, should be built around and demonstrate the core values of your brand.

✓ Deliver Experiences through Storytelling – storytelling is at the heart of delivering exceptional brand experiences. It’s through stories that consumers connect, emotionally and mentally. But don’t stop there, use mediums that can engage consumers’ sense of touch, hearing, vision, taste, and smell. You’ll deliver memorable experiences that can be associated with your brand.

✓ Understanding the What, Why, and How

  • The ‘What’ is your brand’s purpose. Always succinctly and clearly express what your brand does and who it’s for.

  • The ‘Why’ explains why your brand does what it does. It’s your mission that tells the importance of what you offer or provide.

  • The ‘How’ is the manner in which you ensure your audiences feel engaged with your brand and its mission. It also determines your brand’s communication style and visual identity (logo, tagline, colors, etc.).

Brand experience encompasses every aspect of consumer interaction with your brand. Emphasizing experience is the key to creating a memorable brand with satisfied and repeat customers. Some of the most well-known brands today create experiences that are aspirational, that stir feelings in potential and existing customers.

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