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We help you navigate marketing by providing the tools you need to effectively communicate.
We will work closely with you to outline strategies and processes to successfully establish brand awareness and/or promote a product or service. Our marketing consultants develop strategies using best practices and expert intuition to engage customers and cultivate business opportunities. We employ both creativity and analysis to draft successful marketing plans to achieve measurable results.



Image by Júnior Ferreira


Systematic approach to achieving goals

  • Define products or services

  • Create customer persona(s)

  • Identify the customer journey

  • Apply historical learnings

  • Understand market climate and differentiators



Document the process for reaching target customers

  • Set objectives 

  • Execute situation analysis 

  • Develop action plans

  • Detail implementation tactics 

  • Define methods to review/evaluate



Establish messaging and execution to strengthen unique traits   

  • Identify communication tools

  • Align brand strategy with objectives

  • Document plans to manage and promote the brand

Light Bulb


Develop effective tools that represent the brand

  • Create brand identity

  • Identify graphics that embody the brand

  • Design pitch deck


G. Marcus, TEDx Speaker


"A DOSE of INSIGHT is amazing! Alesha was highly professional and creative when presenting deliverables. From kick-off to project completion, she was responsive and the output met my needs and wowed my audience. I am looking forward to working together again! ” 

R. Shegog, The Safe Chute


"I had no idea what I needed or how to begin to get my idea to people that were interested. The consultant and creative team at A DOSE of INSIGHT helped me create a targeted strategy and awesome sales collateral to promote my business.” 

T. Hancock, Freelance Training Consultant

"A DOSE of INSIGHT helped me define ‘better’ for my business and personal goals - tighten the business focus, solidify branding, and explore strategies on marketing my services in ways I didn’t think existed. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to expand or increase my depth (more quality relationships versus increased quantity of clients). This is where A DOSE of INSIGHT stepped in and provided innovative guidance and customized marketing techniques. The difference has provided me a measurable business lift and I am so grateful. Thanks so much for all your help!

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