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What You Need to Know About Using Social Media for your Small Business

It’s amazing to think that social media (as we know it today) has only been around for about 20 years! From Friendster and Myspace to Facebook, Twitter, and others – in that short span of time the exponential growth of the medium has evolved from a majority personal interaction to now infiltrating nearly every aspect of our business (and personal) lives. It seems to morph and grow daily, with business owners learning how to monetize the platforms, employing business development, marketing and sales via standard methodology as well as new platforms, technology and other influences (including ‘influencers’) that pop up and gain hold with astonishing speed (Tik Tok, anybody? A Chinese platform released in 2015, it took social media by storm. And it’s only a matter of time before it is eclipsed by the next social media platform).

And while it is possible to conduct business without a dedicated marketing strategy for social media …why would you? According to Pew Research(1) in 2019 a whopping 72% of American adults used some form of social media. That’s nearly 7 in 10 American adults! Imagine having that audience for your business. That’s establishing a connection with an audience on an unprecedented scale.

But, as with anything, each business model has different working parameters - what works for a retail business might not work for a business-to-business organization and so on. So, it’s important to get the correct guidance on how to best reach your specific target audience. Despite the sheer number of people on social media it definitely is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ scenario. As with regular/snail mail, email and all other forms of communication it’s important to know how to cut through the clutter, both in presentation and receipt. Though it sounds great few small businesses will obtain all 7 of those ‘7 in 10’ – and it’s as expensive and time-consuming to wade through the clutter of potential customers as it is to try to reach your target audience with a ‘scattershot’ marketing approach.

Approaching social media marketing as you would any other form of marketing is a sound business strategy, saving you time, money and resulting in a satisfactory ROI in the form of a TARGETED marketing plan that utilizes the correct social media platforms for your business as well as the best ways to engage customers on those specific (and ever-changing) platforms.

We’d love to help you craft your social media marketing plan! Why not Contact Us Here to see how best we can serve your business!


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