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The Business of 'Social'​ Media

Today, social media is an important component of every business’ marketing strategy. The succinct content, the reach, the frequency and immediacy of messages all make social media an attractive form of communication. When it comes to launching a social media presence for your business there are zero barriers to entry, just create an account and start posting – so everyone can do it, right? No not really, successful social media marketing is achieved when organizations create clear strategic goals, understand their audience, produce relevant and compelling content, choose the right platforms and consistently represent the brand in a clear voice and tone.

What many businesses forget is that “social media” was designed to be “social”.  You should be making human connections to your brand. You want to establish a trustworthy, knowledgeable reputation which cannot be done by always talking about yourself, your product or service, program, and/or events. Commenting on posts, establishing conversations, sharing/retweeting, showing appreciation and responding to comments are examples of how you actively engage with your audience. Find ways to provide relevant content about what you do and your expertise during these interactions. 

Understand your target audience – which channels do they use, how, why, when they engage in social media. What does your content provide for the audience? How does it enhance their lives, solve a problem they have, or positively influence their lives? The answers will drive your content. 

In a nutshell follow the social media “rule of thirds”:

✓     ⅓ of posts should promote your business, convert readers, and generate profits

✓     ⅓ of posts should be ideas from influencers or like-minded businesses

✓     ⅓ of posts should be personal stories to build your brand

Think of social media as a huge virtual happy hour. You want to connect and foster relationships. With the right strategy, social media can create excellent value for your business. Keep in mind that it takes time, effort, and consistency – put in the work and you will see the return!

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