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Successfully Using Content in Your Marketing Plan

Earlier this month we discussed what content marketing means. Now let’s talk about how to successfully use content in your marketing plan. Before we can do that, however, we have to identify just what a marketing plan is and why it is important. Read more about the importance and purpose of a marketing plan HERE.

If you are seeking funding for your business a marketing plan is one of the first things (after budget/operations) that a lender will look for. It details how you plan, not only to spend your/their money but, more importantly, how you plan to sustain and grow your business – makes sense because a business that isn’t growing isn’t going to be able to repay a loan. Even if you are not seeking funding a marketing plan helps keep your applications on track – you can utilize SWOT analysis (which is part of your plan) to make sure you aren’t deviating too far from your plan once the plan has been vetted and implemented.

To grow your business, you need to understand your potential marketplace, so you can effectively target potential customers. Done correctly, a marketing plan gives you all the tools you need to do that. Case study: a Construction Support Company came to a Dose of Insight, needing direction on the proper way to develop their marketing plan. Research into the construction marketplace showed that the type of customer they were looking to acquire didn’t spend a lot of time online for supplier information, relying instead on peer recommendations and basic line card information. So, their marketing plan was significantly different from a retail-centric business. This is where marketing professionals come into play. Marketing professionals can help you understand your specific market, find your audience, and help you position yourself to gain the best ROI from your marketing endeavors. Each Industry – and each business – is unique. The trick is to determine where your business falls within that uniqueness.

‘Well, why can’t I do this by myself?’… you can. But it’s actually a lot of work and has variable results. Let’s go back to that Construction Support business. The owner had 30 years of Marketing & Sales experience – but it was in another industry that relied heavily on visuals and interrelations like social media that do not relate to how construction customers choose their vendors. Because it was her personal experience, she elected to apply that to the construction industry, which produced only lackluster results. A meeting with a Dose of Insight resulted in a more clearly targeted marketing plan suited to the needs of those potential customers with far better ROI. Using a company without a personal investment in your business means they can assess your needs from an objective and professional position. Even marketers use other marketers when it comes to crafting a marketing plan!

Why not arrange a meeting with us! We can help you determine which form of content marketing is best for your marketing plan and for your business! The best marketing plan will be one that incorporates brand awareness and plan to acquire customers, to drive your business forward.

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