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7 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Small Business

Starting your business is an exciting endeavor. Once your business is in place, though, that’s when the really heavy lifting starts! In order to make the business viable and profitable you need to learn how to grow it – and grow it successfully. This is where marketing comes in. Marketing helps you target your ideal prospects and turn them into ideal customers.

It can also help you develop ongoing customer relationships that will allow you to support their needs.

Below are 7 Marketing Ideas to help you grow your Business.

  1. Develop a Business Profile. Customers can’t come to your business if they don’t know you exist. There are many ways to develop a business profile, from real life investments such as billboards and flyers to online efforts like Yelp and Google Business

  2. Social Media. In past posts we’ve discussed varying ways in which social media can help develop and monetize your business - What You Need to Know About Using Social Media for your Small Business. Once you have those in place, don’t forget to stay active, providing regular updates and engaging with your target audience.

  3. Email. Build a targeted email list. Targeted email is a very powerful tool to help engage customers and prospects. Make sure your email content provides value to them. Read more about content marketing HERE.

  4. Website. Developing a good website is essential to attracting prospects and customers. If you are establishing a Social Media presence, make sure you link back to your website, but remember, the site is only as good as the media that drives to it.

  5. Provide content-rich blog posts. Advise, rather than advertise. Give your prospects and customers content that is relevant to them and focuses on providing a return for their time-investment.

  6. Testimonials. Studies show that 85% of people trust online recommendations as much as they trust personal recommendations. If appropriate, leverage your company testimonials/recommendations in your marketing materials, social presence and social spaces.

  7. Print Materials. Depending upon your business, print materials may be of value to advertise your business’ products & services. Print materials can include:

    • business cards

    • flyers

    • brochures

    • branded trinkets

You can’t afford not to market your business. Your customers are waiting to know that you exist, marketing connects your brand with your target audiences. These 7 ideas gets your marketing on the right track from the start!

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